A circular mandala with many elements of sacred geometry, animal representations of the 4 winds spirits (inspired by Inkan meditative journeying as per Alberto Villoldo's Inkan traditions).
4 Winds Mandala, acrylics on panel board, 13" x 16.5" © 2016 Joe Gallwitz

4 Winds Mandala, acrylics on panelboard, by Joe Gallwitz 2016


This was inspired by a direct vision I had during a meditative journey based on the teachings of Alberto Villoldo, by way of the Peruvian Andes Inkan traditions. The 4 directions are represented by the animal spirits depicted here-



South is, for me, the golden serpent of light, who has helped me recognize my chakras.

West is the mighty jaguar who sees through the darkness with eyes of light.

North is the little hummingbird, who floats upon the winds of light and joy.

East is for the great eagle, a golden eagle to me, who floats upon the light of the rising sun.




Though there is much more to these spirits than these simple descriptions, I leave it to the observer to decide if following their light in the circles of life is right for them. I know it is for me.